A Charlotte woman said she was involved in a road rage incident that turned into a racist rampage, and she caught it all on video.

“He kept opening up his door and yelling out things and by that time, I thought maybe this is one of those situations where I should start recording,” said Tiffany Sterling.

Sterling took the video at a red light at the corner of West Boulevard and South Tryon Street. In the video, a man makes sexual gestures with his tongue, shouts an expletive, and calls Sterling a racial slur.

“He crossed over two lanes and almost hit me so I just honked my horn and he just went crazy,” Sterling recalled. “I was like, ‘is this man trying to kill me right now? What is going on?’ I was just shaking out of shock and disbelief and confusion.”

Police say in this case, both drivers handled the situation all wrong.

“The number one thing is definitely, do not get out of your car,” said CMPD Officer Johnathan Frisk. “If somebody’s trying to challenge you, a lot of times they want you to look at them.”

Sterling admitted in retrospect she should have reacted differently.

“I could’ve not entertained it at all,” she said. “I could not have even listened to what he had to say. It could’ve turned into an unsafe situation looking back, for sure.”

Police say you never really know what someone will do.

“I wouldn’t make any eye contact with them,” said Officer Frisk. “Go to a well-lit area or a police station. Call 911 and give us that tag and gives us the direction you’re going.”