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'Samantha Josephson, never forget:' Family describes pain from past year in court

"I do not want anyone to go through what Samantha did," Marci Josephson said.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The man arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of a University of South Carolina student last march will remain behind bars after his bond was denied Tuesday.

"I do not want anyone to go through what Samantha did," Marci Josephson said.

It was an emotional bond hearing over video as the parents and family of Samantha Josephson begged a judge to deny bond for her accused killer, Nathaniel Rowland.

On March 29, 2019, 21-year-old Samantha Josephson went missing from a bar in Five Points. Columbia Police said she got into an unmarked car driven by Rowland that she thought was her UBER.

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Her body was found the next day in Clarendon County, and Rowland was arrested and charged with her murder shortly after.

"There's no words to describe the immense pain his actions have caused our family and friends," Marci Josephson said. "He brutally kidnapped and murdered my daughter, my baby. He locked in her the car without any way to escape and tore her apart," Marci Josephson said.

Before Rowland's bond was denied, both of Samantha's parents, Marci and Seymour Josephson, reminded the judge of all the moments they will never have with their daughter.

"I have been numb and miserable since March 29, 2019," Seymour Josephson said. "I lost my baby. I lost the opportunity to see her graduate from college. I lost the opportunity to see her walk out of law school and change the world. I lost so much."

Samantha's sister, Sydney Josephson, described the pain she continues to feel without Samantha.

“This past year has been a true nightmare for myself, my family and all of our friends -- all because of this cold-blooded man," Sydney Josephson said. "When I think of 2019, all my mind does is picture my law school-bound, hard-working, goofy sister terrified and trapped."

Samantha"s boyfriend, Gregory Corbishley, also pleaded to the judge, asking for Rowland to remain behind bars. 

“Nightmare after nightmare, this monster kidnapped and brutally murdered the love of my life," Gregory Corbishley said. "It wasn’t accidental nor a product of panic. It was orchestrated and carried out by a truly evil human being.”

Rowland's family also pleaded to the judge. 

"Never in a million years would we have thought this would be something that we would have to even address," Henry Rowland Jr. said. 

Both Rowland's mother and brother said they believe he is innocent. 

"There's no way he could have done this, what they are accusing him of," Rowland's mother Loretta Rowland said. "As a child, he loved everyone. He gets along with everyone, he does what he can for everyone. He's a very respectful man."

Meanwhile, Samantha's father reminded everyone to always remember his daughter's name.

"Samantha Josephson, never forget," Seymour Josephson said.

Rowland remains at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

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