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Sheriff's department warning people to be careful what they post online while on vacation

The Lexington County Sheriff's Department is warning vacationers not to post pictures or locations while on vacation.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — While COVID restrictions get lifted, many people are packing their bags and going on vacation. 

But the Lexington County Sheriffs Department is warning people to be careful and not post any pictures or mark their location on social media. 

"We understand people want to share their pictures," said Sheriff's Office Captain Adam Myrick. "When you do post these pictures or when you let everybody know where you're checking in, and what airline flight you're on and how you'll be traveling on your vacation, it simply opens up too many possibilities for someone to know that you're not home."

Captain Myrick said sharing that type of content will allow scammers and criminals to know your property, like your home, is vacant. 

"If they see pictures, or if they see check-ins on status updates on social media from you, then they know you're not at home and that puts you at greater risk," Captain Myrick said. "We know that scammers - we know that the criminals - can keep an eye on this, so we encourage you maybe go a little more quiet on social media. And that's the best way to protect yourself and reduce your risk of anything happening while you're gone."

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In a blog post on the department's website, Sheriff Jay Koon advised the public to let a trusted person know that they will be away. 

"Let your trusted neighbors know that you're going out of town so that they can keep an eye on your property," Sheriff Koon said. "If you have dog walkers and plant waterers coming by, let your neighbors know so they don't suspect suspicious activity. You can also have your mail held by the USPS while you're away and resume service when you return."

Sheriff Koon and Captain Myrick both suggest installing security cameras and an alarm system to help protect your property and prevent crimes of opportunity. 

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