LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Tenn. — Curtis Watson, the inmate who escaped from the West Tennessee State Penitentiary, was captured Sunday.

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He is suspected of killing a prison administrator, Debra Johnson, in her home on prison grounds Wednesday after escaping from his prison work detail.

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In a Sunday afternoon briefing, officials from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Tennessee Department of Corrections, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security and the district attorneys office were able to address some of the details of Watson's capture.

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Harvey and Ann Taylor, a Lauderdale County couple, caught Watson on their RING doorbell camera. Harvey said the RING pinged just after 3 a.m. When they checked the video, they saw someone rooting around in their carport refrigerator and recognized him. They called 911 and Watson was later caught.

Our community will be relieved that he is in custody, Harvey said Sunday afternoon. 

Harvey said they were frightened but feels like they did the right thing. He also said they had a weapon in the house they were prepared to use if Watson tried to get in.

Watson was taken to the hospital to be treated for "weathering," ticks and bug bites, but no other details about his condition are available at this time, according to officials

TBI Director David Rausch said Watson seemed relieved to be done with running and said he made a comment that he knew he wouldn't get away because of the amount of law enforcement officials looking for him.

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Officials said Watson faces charges of first-degree murder, aggravated sexual battery, especially aggravated burglary and escape.

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25th District Attorney General Mark Davidson said Watson will be arraigned this coming week in Lauderdale County General Sessions Court, and they are determining whether or not the possibility of the death penalty would be on the table for his murder charge.