WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — The investigation continues after two men died when they were hit by two separate cars along Sunset Boulevard in West Columbia.

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The collision is leading some people to say there needs to be more safety measures in that area to save people's lives.

"We got one stop light down there, I mean there definitely needs to be one right here, a caution light or something to slow people down," West Columbia resident Lorenzo Jamison said.

"This road right here has been busy ever since I've been a kid, you know what I'm saying, but it's shocking to me that somebody died," Jamison said.

The two people who were struck and killed Thursday night, November 7, in the 700 block of Sunset Boulevard were identified.

Lexington County coroner Margaret Fisher identified the two people killed as 41-year-old Rodney Mack, of Gaston, and 27-year-old Mack Rogers, of West Columbia. 

West Columbia police said both Mack and Rogers were killed in an accident, that closed all lanes of Sunset Boulevard for more than three hours Thursday evening.

"I see a lot of pedestrians walking daily and often see them trying to cross the streets over here and I do kinda cringe because the traffic does go quickly both ways," West Columbia business owner Tawny Pirie said. "I definitely think that Columbia needs to improve in this area tremendously."

Police said the accident happened around 6 p.m. in the 900 block of Sunset Boulevard. Initially, Mack was struck by a car, according to Coroner Fisher. She said that Rogers, who was in the vehicle that struck Mack, got out of the car to render aid, when the two were hit by another car and killed.

Now, community members say something needs to be done.    

"It's about the drivers really and if you got a stop light right there or a caution light right there i mean it will slow the traffic down," Jamison said.

Many saying they have seen too many close calls on this road.

"Of course I look both ways, and then like between four and six or seven it be crowded up here, everybody be speeding trying to get home and I had just left yesterday before it happened," West Columbia Gregory Small said.

The City of West Columbia said they do have a cross walk a little further down Sunset Boulevard near the chicken farm, but another adiitional cross walk would have to be decided by SCDOT. The SCDOT said they would be taking a look at that area.

The West Columbia Police Department said this case is still under investigation.