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WWE legend holds home intruder at gunpoint in Kershaw County

'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan thanked the sheriff's office after an unusual situation unfolded at his door.

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — A former WWE star who now lives in the Midlands is making headlines for an incident at his home.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is known for carrying around a two-by-four and giving the thumbs up ahead of his matches in the ring. And he's currently a Kershaw County resident.

Last week Duggan posted a thank you note to Kershaw County deputies on social media for how they handled an incident at his home. The deputies responded after Duggan said a man he did not know jumped his fence and began pounding on his front door.

Duggan went on to say he held the man at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived. Kershaw County Sheriff Lee Boan said this all started a few houses down from where the Duggans live.

“A young man and a young lady had some problems in the past,” he said. “She separated from him, went to live with her dad, who lives down the road from the Duncan residence. And he shows up at the house. Dad's not aware of it. He looks up, there's a guy inside his house who he feels is a threat to his daughter, so he immediately starts assaulting him, hitting him, and somebody in the house pulled a gun on him.”

The sheriff said the man ran from the area “scared to death.”

“Turns out that apparently there was a back-and-forth conversation between the young man and the young lady, and I think she kind of invited him to the house,” the sheriff said. “Dad didn't know this.”

The sheriff said this was the core case that they were investigating. The situation, however, continued to the Duggans’ house where authorities said the young man beat on the front door and came in.

“But he immediately said he was scared. Somebody was trying to kill him,” the sheriff said. “Hacksaw listened to what he was saying and, to start with, he felt like it was somebody trying a home invasion and he was like a diversion - and they may come in the back door.”

“And so, you know, he held him at gunpoint, got his wife Deborah to call our dispatch and she was able to tell him what was going on,” the sheriff added. “We got deputies out there and as soon as we got everything organized at that point, he's like, OK, I understand why he was going door to door.”

The sheriff said that deputies and the Duggans were glad that the situation ended the way it did.

When it was all said and done, no charges were filed in connection with the case. Duggan said on social media that he and his wife are safe and there was no damage.

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