So, there's this dog that goes to minor league baseball games all over the country and his job is to basically be so adorable, it hurts.

His name is Jake the Diamond Dog and he carries baskets of bottled water to umpires in between innings during the baseball games.

Jake is a very good dog. He showed up to a Fort Wayne TinCaps game Monday night and gave the umpires bottles of water out of a basket in return for head pats.

Does it get any better than that? (No. No it does not.)

According to his website, Jake is "the best darn dog in professional baseball."

"A utility player that does it all. Always a fan favorite. Jake is one of the most original acts in the game. Barnstorming across America to ballparks where his full-game performance includes: delivering the game ball to the pitcher, shagging foul balls, taking water and towels to the umps, playing batboy, catching Frisbees and honoring the Sweetheart of the Game."

Jake the Diamond Dog doesn't stay in just one baseball park. He travels all across the Midwest. Maybe, if we're lucky, Jake will find his way to our stadium one day.

Catherine Park with 11Alive News in Atlanta contributed to this story.