(KING) - We’ve all read stories about long lost siblings finding each other after years apart, but what about our furry, four-legged friends?

An Olympia woman says she was at Pike Place Market in Seattle on Saturday when she saw two golden retriever siblings, who were separated at adoption, randomly meet each other again.

Pam Corwin said in a Facebook post two couples who did not know each other were walking towards each other with identical dogs. Corwin said the dogs ran towards each other, greeted each other, and started playing.

As the owners started talking, they learned the dogs were siblings and came over on the same plane from Russia a year ago to be adopted.

“The dogs recognized each other!” Corwin wrote. “They even had identifying tattoos that confirmed it.”

The reunion went on for at least 30 minutes and even ended with exchanging phone numbers for a future puppy play date, according to Corwin.

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