Road rage incidents are often well documented, but the most recent video is guaranteed to drop your jaw to the floor.

A North Carolina driver was caught on camera deliberately running over two motorcycle riders Saturday.

The video is hard to watch, but there is a valuable lesson to learn, according to North Carolina State Highway Patrol: You never know who's behind the wheel in the car next to you, treat everyone with respect.

In this case, Raleigh Police charged the suspect, Brandon Stadiem, with assault of a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, a felony hit and run, a misdemeanor hit and run and assault with a deadly weapon.

Highway patrol told NBC Charlotte road rage incidents are on the rise in the Queen City.

"There's never a dull moment in the Charlotte area," said Trooper Ray Pierce, who added the average state trooper spends 40-50 hours per week on the road.

"As Charlotte grows, you're seeing more traffic on the roadway which is causing more backups, delaying people getting to where they're going and unfortunately people let their emotions play into their driving."

Pierce said if someone is intentionally tailgating you, dial *47 to speak with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol communications center.

"We will get a trooper to you quickly as possible," Pierce said.

It doesn't matter if you're in a car, on a motorcycle or a moped, anyone can become a victim of road rage.

Fortunately, the two motorcycle riders hit in Raleigh suffered only minor injuries and were released from the hospital.