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$38 million to be spent on new Saluda Elementary School

The money will be used for renovations and a new school.

SALUDA COUNTY, S.C. — Saluda county was just given $38 million aimed at helping to renovate schools.

The money is being allocated to the Saluda Middle and High School, and the Hollywood Elementary school. 

The bulk of the money is going to go to Saluda Elementary school, to help construct a new building.

The state of the current elementary school, located at 400 W Butler Ave, is one that superintendent, Harvey Livingston, wishes was better. We asked about the condition of the school, he answered, “It just breaks my heart.”

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The school’s vice- principle, Zach Shealy, showed News19 through the school.

 There were a number of cosmetic issues that have made it hard for the school. and these include, wires being held together with zip ties through hallways, shattered windows being replaced by wire, cracked floors, and chipped paint.

The district has worked to make changes, but Livingston explained the situation like owning an old car- you eventually reach a point where putting money in for fixes doesn’t make sense.

“You really get to a point to where its counter productive and not efficient to continue to put money into older buildings”

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The new building will be housed directly next to the current one in a plot that was once the high school’s football field. 

The construction should not impact operations in the current building. The plan is to have classes held normally until the construction is complete.

Holy Shealy is a parent with students at the school. She is optimistic that new building will be helpful for years.

“This is going to give them the opportunity to have a building that is up to date and is modern that has the amenities that students in the other districts have”

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