Governor Henry McMaster began his tour of the eight school districts involved in the 2014 Abbeville County School District v. State of South Carolina supreme court decision on Monday.

The Governor made a trip to the classrooms of Holly Hill Middle School in Orangeburg School District Three to learn something himself.

“Begin learning and understanding what it takes to make great schools. We have a lot of them in our state but we have some that are behind," explained McMaster.

School leaders had the chance to voice their opinions in what changes they think should be made. Much of the discussion was geared towards technology and resources to help kids learn better.

Ashawnti Glover, Holly Hill Middle School's teacher of the year, says she was happy to see the Governor there and that every child in the state deserves the same opportunity.

"Whether they are thirty miles away north or south, all students should receive the same resources to make sure they're able to compete in a global society," says Glover.

Holly Hill Middle School principal Robert Henby says the meeting with the Governor was productive. Despite the circumstances, he wants to change the mindsets of the kids.

"As principal of this school, it's not only my job to bridge that achievement gap but also to close that attitude gap so my kids clearly understand that situation does not determine destination," explains Henby.

Lawmakers were also present for the tour. Representative Jerry Govan Jr. says it’s time everyone starts focusing on the kids.

“I hope what will happen is we move the ball further down the road in which education is not a political football. We need to take the politics out of education, says Govan. "It needs to be about kids and solely that. It shouldn’t matter regardless of whether you are democrat, republican, or what side of the isle you’re on. We need to the very best that we can for our kids,” Govan says.

While many solutions were proposed to the Governor, McMaster is looking for the clear answer to help solve the issue.

"We all have sorts of problems and challenges but I am confident that with the leadership in this state, that we can meet those challenges as well as or better than any other state," says McMaster.

Governor McMaster says he plans on presenting legislation to help solve the issue once he has a chance to tour all eight of the school districts.