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Lexington-Richland Five teachers call for smaller class sizes

The district announced at Monday's meeting more security measures will be installed before the next school year.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Lexington Richland Five school board discussed safety and security in Midlands schools at Monday's meeting. The board announcing new safety procedures will be implemented next school year.

Superintendent Dr. Akil Ross says the district believes in a multi-layer security system, adding, “With the recent events we have seen in terms of gun violence, specifically what we saw in Uvalde, we want to focus on the notion of safe, secure, equitable learning environments.”

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The superintendent announced at Monday’s board meeting open-gate metal detectors will be installed before the new year. “This allows our students to come through but it can detect weapons. We like this technology, its mobile, it's user friendly, it's reliable,” he said.

Cameras, door sensors, barricades and added security personnel are in the works to also be implemented at the districts schools explained Dr. Ross.

“When we receive threats we have professionals that are able to help us assess that threat," he said.

Teacher retention was another topic during Monday's meetings and Dr. Ross shared results of a teacher survey which 890 teachers participated in. 

It comes as South Carolina, like many other states are suffering from a teacher shortage.

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Dr. Ross saying, “We’re hearing that the notion to plan and reflect on their practice is being that the number one need.”

Work-life balance and smaller classes are other needs district teachers are calling for.

“Our goal this summer is to work on this feedback from our teachers… to come up with a plan, to make sure the entire child continuum is protected," said Dr. Ross.

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