FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- A disturbing video released by a Georgia law firm is raising questions about the safety of disabled children on one local system's buses.

Merritt & Merritt Law Firm released the video on July 24 which they say depicts a bus ride in September of 2016. There, Jonay Owens is seen sitting in a wheelchair on her way home from Creekside High School when the chair falls over.

Representatives of Owens and her mother April Moore said the wheelchair wasn't secured which led to the incident. But they believe the more concerning moments are what followed as she was flipped and pinned against another seat.

"After the wheelchair turned over, you will see the total disregard from the bus driver," the social media post states. "And the bus aide, who is sitting in the back right corner of the bus, [fails] to render assistance until the bus stops at Jonay's home."

Representatives for Moore and Owens said that the mother was never directly notified - with the driver and aide only telling her caregiver of a "minor incident".

The law firm stated that Owens cannot speak or walk adding that the crash caused serious injuries. The mother was quoted in the statement as well expressing shock over what she saw on tape.

"When I saw the video, I broke down in tears knowing my baby needed me and I wasn't there," Moore said. "And for them to just sit and do nothing hurts my heart."

The statement ends announcing potential legal action against the Fulton County School District in Superior Court. A representative from the school system gave no comment citing pending litigation.