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'We will get through this.' North Central High students impacted multiple times this year

First, a tornado destroyed their school. Now, the coronavirus is keeping everyone at home.

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — COVID-19 was reported early on in Kershaw County. Since then, school districts across the Midlands have closed, but students at North Central High School have been hit twice. 

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First with a tornado that destroyed their school, and now with the virus which is keeping everyone at home.

"It's just really hard to go through a tornado and the virus," senior Madison Dixon said.

Not once, but twice this school year, students of North Central High in Kershaw County had to deal with unexpected challenges.

"Since the tornado, we were looking forward to prom and now that's getting pulled back," Dixon said.

Back in January, the school was destroyed by an EF-2 tornado and students had to switch to a remote campus. Now they are having to stay home like many others due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

"We are really sad," Dixon said.

Dixon, who is also the student body president, said when picturing her final year of high school, she never could have imagined this.

"This is supposed to be what we've led up to. This is supposed to be the best time of our senior year because it's getting into field day and the fun times. And not being able to see each other every day, like, you take it for granted," Dixon said.

But the struggles have also made their community and school family stronger. Dixon said it's been hard, but they will get through it. 

"Seniors and everyone, we are going to get through this," Dixon said. "We will graduate. It may not be the way we want to, and we may not get the prom we want, but we will get through this."

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The prom for North Central High was scheduled for Monday, March 30. It was planned to be hosted by the Carolina Panthers. The school district said it has been postponed, and they are waiting to see when they might be able to reschedule it. 

Kershaw County School District also has some small changes coming next week.

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Starting Monday, March 23, food sites and bus routes will be Monday through Thursday, according to Kershaw County School District Spokesperson Mary Anne Byrd.

Students will be still be given five days worth of meals though. Moving forward, on Thursday the school district will also give out the meals for Friday.

So far, they have served more than 10,000 meals.

Byrd also said teachers will have next week to plan and students will have the week to catch up on any past assignments.

Moving forward, they will start the pattern of one week e-learning and one week for teacher planning until further notice.