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'You matter,' Middle schoolers spread kindness around the halls one note at a time

Students at Leslie M. Stover Middle leave nice messages written on sticky notes on others students lockers for National Bullying Prevention Month.

ELGIN, S.C. — A simple act of kindness at one school in Kershaw County helped spread positivity through the halls.

Students at Leslie M. Stover Middle School are taking the steps to make their halls a better place.

With the help of a few phrases written on those sticky notes students placed on lockers, they can feel that they matter. 

"Before we knew it we had doors covered, lockers covered," teacher Kim Stokes said.

Stokes is the teacher behind the nice notes. She hopes it will spark kindness all year and make students feel they are not alone.

"It should turn into tradition for our school because it's amazing," 8th grader Alyssa said.

Alyssa said her note on her locker read, "have an amazing day and you glow with awesomeness."

And once she read that note she said she had an instant smile.

"I feel so much more uplifted," Alyssa said. "I am going to have an amazing day today. 

"I thought it was a nice thing to do it makes people proud," 6th grader Nevaeh said.

"It spreads kindness around the school," 6th grader Anne said.

"It makes people know someone is speaking up and doing something nice for other people and the school," 6th grader Sutton said.

"It made my day better because I knew it was going to be a tough day because we had test and it made me less stress," 8th grader Ben said.

"Just a few words could impact, like a person's whole day, making a person's whole day go from bad to good," 8th grader Adriana said.

"We are just trying to teach kindness," Stokes said. "We are trying to be be accepting, tolerating, and diverse."

Stokes also wrote a message of her own to put on a locker. 

"It's not what you see, but how you see it," Stokes said. "It's very meaningful for me. I have always been taught to serve others."

Now Stokes is hopeful this will turn into a life skill students can model every day both inside and outside Leslie M. Stover Middle School. 

"We are a little town and little community, but we have a big heart," Stokes said.

Stokes also said they are planning other activities for students to participate in for National Bullying Prevention Month.