COLUMBIA, S.C. — Fort Jackson and the 282nd Army Band performed a musical tribute on Sunday to honor America's veterans.

Hundreds filled the Shandon United Methodist Church to see the show. 

"It's a great morale boost," Tom Bauer, army commander and band master, said. "I was in the invasion of Iraq and we did play a lot of music for soldiers and it just took them away from the battlefield even for a few moments and gave them a chance to relax and remember good times."

For Jason Myers, who has spent more than a decade in the army, watching the performance was a somewhat emotional experience, as he remembered past battles he fought in. 

"It didn't hit me 'till I was actually sitting here listening to the music," he said. "The Afghanistan District Center, right outside our fire base was over run. There were about five suicide bombers that had taken over the district center and, between our American and Afghan forces, there was about 20 causalities that we took recapturing it and we freed 16 hostages."

Myers has earned two Distinguished Service Crosses -- the second highest military decoration that can be awarded to a member of the United States Army.

Bill Campbell was also among the crowd. He spent 25 years in the service, including some time spent in the army band. 

"The band tonight sounded fantastic," Campbell said. "People tend to forget what's going on in the world and what we have to endure to keep freedom alive and it's good that we remember the people who served before us and those coming afterwards."

Bauer says he hopes the event could act as an opportunity to honor the sacrifice of America's veterans and keep the memory of those who have died alive.