The 34th annual High School Sports Report High School Football Media Day had some major star power at the Steve and Jerri Spurrier Indoor Facility.

Standing off on the side at his booth was the legendary running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers Franco Harris who became an instant Steeler legend with his role in "The Immaculate Reception" which took place against the Raiders in 1972, his rookie season.

Four Super Bowl titles and a Pro Football Hall of Fame induction later, Harris is still very active and his schedule brought him to Columbia for Sunday's event.

Harris was there to speak to the high school players and promote his "AdeNation" sports drink.

He also was pleasantly surprised to know that there is a strong Steeler fan base in the Midlands.

"You know what? I was surprised at all the Steeler fans here," Harris said.

"I was really blessed to where we had a great run back in the 70s and there's no doubt there are a lot of Steeler fans all over the country. Luckily, there are some film back in those days, ESPN, they can show highlights. So every once in a while, they show our stuff. That kind of continues our run in the 70s and people seem to follow that. So we're pretty proud of that. Just glad that a lot of fans still remember those days."