Lisa McClure tried to find the words Wednesday as she spoke publicly about her son’s attack. Because talking about what happened to her son Adam McClure, an Army veteran, wasn't easy.

“I don't know if I have any words for the people that harmed my son,” she said.

Adam McClure had recently returned from a nine-month tour in Afghanistan with the National Guard.

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He and his friends had gone for a few drinks, and around 2:25 a.m. on Aug. 17 they were eating at a Denny's on 99th Avenue and Camelback Road.

What exactly happened inside the restaurant isn't clear. But police provided an image of McClure and a man who McClure’s family said followed him outside.  Police believe that man is responsible for attacking McClure.

Mother pleading for help tracking down suspect who beat her son

The man allegedly punched McClure, knocking him to the ground. Police said he then continued punching after McClure had already been knocked unconscious. And then he took off.

Lisa McClure said if not for his friends performing CPR on her son he may not be here today.

“I owe them. I owe them,” she said, " I don't even know what I owe them. They saved my son."

Lisa McClure said her son will endure a lifetime of pain from what happened. She hopes someone comes forward who may know the suspect so he doesn't hurt anyone else.

“So if the suspects are watching or there's family of the suspects, I would say have integrity, do what's right,” she said.

Lisa McClure said her son is learning to walk and talk again and is still suffering from severe headaches.