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Cayce Department of Public Safety Foundation donates thousands of masks to local businesses

Police officers have given out around 3,500 masks to different businesses in the City of Cayce.

CAYCE, S.C. — One local police agency's non-profit has helped donate thousands of masks to businesses in their area.

A few weeks ago, the City of Cayce passed an ordinance requiring people to wear a mask in most public situations. This includes businesses where there's public access.

Corporal Josh Addy with the Cayce Department of Public Safety is a supervisor over their community service unit.

"We have a Cayce Department of Public Safety Foundation here in the city. One thing that they do, they help donate a lot of supplies, not just for our department, but for our community as a whole."

One of the industries hit hardest during the coronavirus pandemic includes small businesses. Corporal Addy knows the burden that businesses are taking since he has family who own small businesses in Lexington.

"We know that a lot of small businesses get hit pretty hard when the economy's not doing well," explained Addy. "One thing that the foundation wanted to do was to give back to our businesses because our businesses give so much to our city."

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The Cayce Department of Public Safety Foundation, which is non-profit, donated around 3,500 face masks to businesses in the area.

Police officers and other members of the department helped drop off face masks at around 70 businesses within the city.

"If somebody comes in and they don't have a mask and they left their mask at the house, these businesses have the masks available now to give to these patrons of these businesses," said Corporal Addy.

The masks can also be used for staff at the businesses if they need them as well.

Around 1,500 masks were also donated to officers at the department.

"Our officers are going on calls everyday. Nothing has changed here at the department. We're still working 24/7," explained Corporal Addy. "So our foundation also wanted to make sure our firefighters and police officers are safe as well."

"We've got a strong relationship with our businesses here in the City of Cayce and I do think it's because over the past few years the community service unit has been getting out. Our officers and firefighters have all been getting out and meeting our businesses and just showing our face more in our community."

Corporal Addy says people have been complying with the new mask ordinance in the City of Cayce. He says the department has been working on educating folks on why it's important to wear a face mask and how people should follow CDC guidelines.

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