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Europe seeing new surge in COVID-19 cases, but it's much different than the first wave

Let's connect the dots.

Europe is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases after getting a summer vacation from the pandemic, and while their fate might be a frightening look into our future, there is some good news about this resurgence.

Let’s connect the dots.

The spike in cases is being seen in Spain, France and Germany— all countries that had imposed strict lock downs to bring the pandemic under control.

During the summer months, those sacrifices appeared to pay off, residents were able to travel, go to restaurants and reopen popular tourist spots. However, now coronavirus is making a comeback.

There is some good news, though. 

Thanks to lessons learned during the first wave there are now better treatments for patients. The new cases are often in younger patients, whose symptoms are not as severe. This means hospitals are not being overrun by patients and there are fewer people dying.

While the younger generation in Europe partied and traveled this summer, the older generation continued to take the pandemic seriously. 

Italian officials report senior citizens in the country remain cautious, wearing masks and avoiding crowds. Government officials also say they used the summer break to expand testing and contact tracing programs in preparation for a fall surge. 

Time will tell if they used the summer wisely.