ORANGEBURG, S.C. — Logan Justus is a senior at Branchville High school.

Like many graduating in the class of 2020, it’s been a difficult road leading to graduation but for Logan it’s an even bigger milestone

Logan's mother Nicole tells us how it hasn’t been easy for her daughter but she says that Logan, "she can do anything that she sets her mind to."  

Logan was born missing several chromosomes, she has epilepsy and suffers from seizures.  

"We went to a lot of specialists and a lot of doctors that said she would never walk or talk, the best thing to do is institutionalize her, but we decided you can’t tell someone that is six-months-old and her parent that a child won’t be able to do stuff," says Nicole. "We also came across a lot of teachers that said they couldn’t teach her or they didn’t have the ability, and we just wanted to make sure that she didn’t become a number."

Fast forward to Branchville High School, and Logan is thriving. 

"She loves to learn, she loves history and she loves all that stuff you might not think would get her going," says Nicole. "She has showed that even with a disability, that she’s able to achieve the goals that anybody has set in front of her. She might not go as fast as the other boys and girls, but once she gets it, you can’t take it away from her."