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You can make a face mask at home-and you don't have to know how to sew

This mask requires just a t-shirt, rubber bands, and safety pins.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is  recommending wearing a face mask when you have to be out in public while social distancing. 

It's impossible to buy a mask these days as most are being used by health care professionals and first responders. 

You've seen the tutorials about how to sew your own mask, but what If you can't sew a mask.  No worries,you can still make your own mask at home, without using a sewing machine!

Here are the supplies you need: 

  • A t-shirt or bandanna
  • Two rubber bands or hair ties
  • A few safety pins

A benefit to home made masks is they are reusable and you can wash them between uses.

If you are using a t-shirt, the first step is to cut the sleeves and collar off of the shirt. 

You also want to cut down the sides to remove any seams.

Credit: WLTX

Once you have all of the edges cut off of your shirt, fold it in thirds horizontally.

If you are using a bandanna or other type of fabric, you can start at this step.

Credit: WLTX

Take your two rubber bands or hair ties and put them over your fabric about one third of the way in from the end.

Credit: WLTX

Next, fold the ends of your fabric over your rubber band or hair tie and into the center of the material.

Credit: WLTX

Finally, pin the material in the center so that it is secured together. Make sure to fasten all of the different layers!

Credit: WLTX

To wear the mask, just pull the rubber bands over your ears. You may need to adjust the size of your fabric to best fit your face. Make sure that your mask is able to cover both your mouth and your nose.

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