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Wanna get clean and help? Non-profit raising money for student scholarships with handmade soap

The Scooter Scott Project is raising money for students in Lexington county who want to go to college, tech schools.

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — One nonprofit in Lexington County is selling hand soap to help raise scholarship funds for students.

The Scooter Scott Project is a Christian based non-profit in Lexington County. It's completely volunteer based and the organization works with kids in the Lexington community to give them a hand-up. 

Brian Autry, a board member and mentor with the group, says they've been making hand soaps for several years now.

"One of the life skills that we teach is sort of basic business through the sell of foaming hand soap," said Autry. "Students learn how to make soap, they learn how to calculate the costs of their goods, calculate the cost of materials for making soap, and then they package the soap, label it, keep track of their inventory."

Students go out to different parts of the community to events in order to sell the soap they've made.

The money made from selling the hand soap goes towards paying to make the soap and the rest goes towards their scholarship fund.

"It allows these student to earn some money for scholarships and it also teaches them how to run a small business," explained Autry.

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The program has ran into the issue of not being able to meet because of the coronavirus. On top of that, many events where students would sell their soaps have been cancelled because of the virus.

"We've got a couple of seniors who are in our program who are getting ready to graduate. They basically missed their last opportunity to sell soap to contribute to their scholarship program."

Businesses in the area sell the Scooter Scott Project's hand soap. One bottle of hand soap will cost $5. A pack of five bottles will cost $20.

The non-profit can also sell the bottles of hand soap through their Facebook page. All people will have to do is privately message them on the Scotter Scott Project's Facebook page.

Autry says this is a great opportunity for people to continue to have the things they need to wash their hands but also help invest in a student's future.

"This is a good way to give back to the community and still get something you need at a reasonable price and help a bunch of students who are working toward graduation and trying to go to the next level, whether it's college or technical school, or wherever they're heading."

The Scooter Scott Project says they have a limited supply available so it will be a first come, first serve basis.

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