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New study shows men are doing more housework during the COVID-19 pandemic

Prior to the pandemic, only 26 percent of partners reported sharing housework relatively equally

CLEVELAND — A new study says men are utilizing the COVID-19 pandemic to pick up their fair share of chores around the house. 

A report published by the Council on Contemporary Families found that while only 26% of parents reported sharing housework equally pre-pandemic, now, 41% say the work is evenly divided between men and women. This increase marks a 58% uptick in couples splitting the chores.

Even more surprising statistics come from couples with children, however, factoring in the monitoring, reading, and organizing of children's activities.  

52% of couples now say they split child work equally in regards to taking care of young children, compared to only 41% of couples who said that they shared child work relatively equally before the stay-at-home orders.

The study does show, however, that the physical childcare and mental load were, still considered mostly the "mother's responsibilities." 

For couples with older children, 56% now say the work is split equally, up from 45% pre-Coronavirus. 

Researchers explain the increase in shared responsibilities by comparing the prolonged stay-at-home orders to paternity leave taken by young fathers.

“As research on paternity leave demonstrates, men who take leave, especially extensive leave (e.g., two months), continue their involvement in housework and childcare over the long-term even after returning to work," researchers said, "The longer the pandemic lasts, the more hardships most of us will experience. But perhaps in the aftermath the patterns of domestic involvement men are establishing now will become a new normal.”

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