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Where's the (local) beef? Start with these South Carolina farms

Rumors of meat shortages abound, but you can source some products locally
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Raw Beef Patty with Spices on Cutting Board for Burger. View from Above.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Rumors of national meat shortages are starting to rage. Grocery store chains are starting to place limits on customer purchases, and Wendy's fast food burger chain is taking meat off the menu, temporarily.

One solution, when you just have to have an induced meat coma, is to source your beef, pork and poultry locally. 

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To get you started, we have a list of some meat producers in South Carolina that sell direct online, at local farmers markets or through local butcheries. Some farmers specialize in beef, others in pork or chicken or duck, some have goat and lamb.

We've listed a website where you can find links to purchase items or locations where the farm's products are sold.

Doko Farm, Blythewood, has been a family farm since 1839 specializing in heritage breeds: Guinea hog pork, St. Croix lamb/mutton, Buckeye chicken and Narragansett turkey dokofarm.org

Old McCaskill Farm, Rembert, offers beef, pork, chicken, seasonal duck, lamb and goat. Special interest: Friday first-come-first-served lunch on the farm. oldmccaskillfarm.com

Penny Family Farm, Catawba, offers grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken, seasonal goat and lamb/mutton, and turkey. pennyfamilyfarm.com

West Ridge Farms, Little Mountain, specializes in grass fed beef, sold in bundled cuts or half steer. westridgefarmssc.com

Woodland Valley Farms, Jackson, features grass-fed beef; woodland-fed Berkshire and Ossabaw pork; St. Croix, Black belly Barbados and Katahdin lamb/mutton; free range chicken and duck. woodlandvalleyfarms.com

Yon Family Farm, Ridge Spring, specializes in Angus beef. yonfamilyfarms.com 

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