SEATTLE — Neighbors are using their voices to share the healing powers of music during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Porches are becoming stages for people across western Washington. 

Rachelle Moss is stepping outside every day at 5 p.m. to sing for her neighbors. Moss is also posting videos of her performances on Facebook

"A lot of people are experiencing so much uncertainty, you know, uncertainty on from a health perspective, from a financial perspective. And what's going to happen going forward and I like to share this music as a way to help calm some of those feelings and let people gain from that for, you know, a few minutes,” said Moss. 

Whether it's the sound of opera music or the violin, this is all part of a healing experience. 

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The Seattle Symphony has started posting morning 'notes' on its Facebook page to help people through this tough time. 

Lauren Ravotti is using her sense of humor and jingle skills to put smiles on faces during this time. 

Ravotti created a song about the struggles, laughable moments she's experienced during this time. 

“People seem really uptight right now there's just a lot of unknown, which is scary. So it was fun for me to take, I guess, the talent of mine, and turn it into something fun,” said Ravotti. 

Spontaneous messages of hope, proving that we're all separated by distance right now, but we're being brought together by music. 

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