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Two Kershaw students, families asked to self-quarantine over coronavirus

Two students from the district were interning at the hospital when the infected patient came in

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — The Kershaw County School District says two students who were possibly exposed to coronavirus and their families have been asked to self-quarantine.

The students, one from North Central High school and one from Camden High school were interning in the Kershaw County emergency room when a woman who is a presumptive positive case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) was admitted. 

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The students, the district says, did not have direct contact with the patient.   The district was also advised that these student would not be able to transmit the disease for several days.  Only close contact or touching surfaces that the patient may have touched would be significant.   

The school has asked these two families to self-isolate just as a precaution next week.   

The district says they have completed a thorough cleaning with Lysol, Clorox, and alcohol mixtures in all of our facilities this past weekend. 

 The World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend wearing masks; they state, “If you are not ill or looking after someone who is ill, then you are wasting a mask.” If an individual is ill, then part of our tiered response is for that person to stay home until he/she is symptom-free.