Drinking a small glass of a sugary drink each day, including fruit juice or a soda, might lead to an increased risk for cancer.

A new study published in the medical journal BMJ found a link between the sugar-filled beverages and cancer among more than 100,000 French adults: There was an 18-percent increase in overall cancer risk and a 22-percent increase for breast cancer.

What's considered a "small glass" is about drinking a third of a can of soda each day.

CNN reported Mathilde Touvier, the study's lead author, said the findings go to show reducing the amount of sweetened drinks consumed is beneficial to our health.

"What we observed was that the main driver of the association seems to be really the sugar contained in these sugary drinks," Touvier said. "High sugary drinks consumption is a risk factor for obesity and weight gain -- [and] obesity is in itself a risk factor for cancer."

Researchers warn more investigations need to be done as the study does not show cause and effect.

"While this study doesn't offer a definitive causative answer about sugar and cancer, it does add to the overall picture of the importance of the current drive to reduce our sugar intake," said Amelia Lake, a reader in public health nutrition at Teesside University.

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