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People across Guilford County discuss no more masks

Businesses and residents in Guilford County weigh in on how they feel about the mask mandate being lifted.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County Commissioners made the decision last night to lift the mask mandate, giving businesses the choice of whether they want to enforce their individual policies or not. A lot of them told WFMY that they don’t know yet what exactly they are going to do about masks inside their establishments. Some, however, will keep them required for now, while others are ripping the sign off their door.

Gate City Yarns in Greensboro is one business that is keeping the mask sign up. Owner, Amanda Baughman said most of her clientele are older, so she wants them to remain safe while in her store. "I’m probably going to keep the sign up because it’s flu season. Flu season alone is a reason to keep this on," Baughman said. 

Other businesses like Golden Pizza in Greensboro, said lifting the mask mandate gets us one step closer to some normalcy. “Before, it was something unnecessary. Now, I think after taking the vaccine and numbers go down, it’s good to have the normal life back," owner, Yasser Salem said. 

County leaders say if case numbers get bad again, the mask mandate could go back into effect. Guilford County Commissioner chair, Skip Alston told WFMY that they still want businesses to implement their own mask mandates in certain situations, and they encourage citizens to remain cautious heading into the holiday season.