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How to talk about death and suicide

A way to talk about subjects that are not easy to talk about

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Within the last 7 days nationwide and locally families are mourning.

There were three high profile suicides involving survivor’s of school shootings, a hit and run where a little girl was killed in Columbia, two USC students murdered and an elementary school student died following a fight at school.

On Tuesday, WLTX began a newscast telling our viewers that the next several minutes will be hard for many to watch because there was so much death.

How do we process all of this death?

How should we talk about suicide and how do we help before or after an attempt?

This week we speak to  Alexandra Karydi the program director for the Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative and Jennifer Wolff a crisis counselor and trauma specialist.


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Sources for more information about suicide, how to talk about suicide and where you can reach out for help.