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Take look at trees around your property before the next storm hits

Dead or dying trees can pose an immediate danger to your home during a storm

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We are nearing the peak of hurricane season 2020 next month. Now is the time to look around your property to see what if anything is dangerous because waiting until a storm is on us is too late and too expensive and will have you asking, “Where’s the Money”.

Tropical weather can be on us in days, strong rains, flooding, and destructive winds pulling down trees and powerlines. The damage to your property or your neighbors can be immense, which is why you need to be looking at your trees now, a lot can change since last year.

Matt Betz is an arborist with Davey and says look for root decay.  Betz says “and a big sign of that is mushrooms, if you see them, then that is an indication of some type of wood decay.”

Betz says look for any holes in the tree trunk, usually bigger than a softball, that too is a sign of damage and weakness. If you had any construction on your property, like a pool, or a porch or an outbuilding, it is possible tree roots were damaged and compromised, so look closely.

As for pines, they have shallow roots, they weaken easy. And that right brownness you see is a sure sign of something bad. If pines start dropping needles, that too can be a sign of some sickness. 

Why is this important? If a storm brings down a dead tree on your home, or your neighbors’ home or car, you could be liable for the expenses.  And, if it was determined the tree had been a noticeable problem, your insurance company could deny the claim.  It’s up to the homeowner to mitigate damages on their own property.