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50 years after victim of Houston 'Candy Man' killer Dean Corll was found, there's a new sketch in efforts to identify him

In one of the darkest chapters in Houston history, dozens of boys in the Heights began disappearing in the 70s, lured by a sadistic serial killer.

Michelle Homer, Grace White

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Published: 7:24 PM EDT August 7, 2023
Updated: 8:11 AM EDT August 8, 2023

Fifty years ago this week, two teen serial killers led police to the bodies of 28 boys and young men buried in gravesites across the Houston area, including a boat storage shed, the Sam Rayburn Reservoir and a High Island beach on the Bolivar Peninsula. 

The victims, ages 13 to 20, were lured away from the Heights and murdered by Dean Corll -- who became known as the Candy Man -- and his accomplices, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Owen Brooks.  

The Houston Mass Murders came to light on Aug. 8, 1973, when police were called to Corll's home on Lamar Street in Pasadena. Henley, 17, was standing over the body of Corll, 38. Henley told police that he shot him six times in self-defense.  But that's not all. 

Henley and David Brooks, 18, admitted they helped Corll kidnap, torture and kill dozens of young males from 1970 to 1973. For two days, they led shocked investigators to one gravesite after another, 28 bodies in all.  They said the victims, who became known as the Lost Boys, were tortured and raped before they were killed.

Some of them had been reported missing by their families but were written off by police as runaways.

Over the years, 27 victims were eventually identified. 

Five decades later, the last one found is still known only as John Doe 1973.  

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