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Jimmy John's Delivery Guy Exposes Woman's Cheating Boyfriend

The unfortunate saga played out in a series of tweets Wednesday night.

West Burlington, Iowa — An Iowa woman's romantic gesture to order food for her long-distance boyfriend turned sour after the delivery guy revealed what he saw when dropping off the food.

Kayla Speer, a 23-year-old exercise specialist of West Burlington, Iowa, said she ordered a Jimmy John's sandwich for her boyfriend who lived three hours away because he had a late night of 'studying' for finals.

Speer detailed how the unfortunate saga played out in a series of tweets Wednesday night.

After the food was dropped off, Speer said she got a frantic call from the delivery guy telling her that he saw her boyfriend in boxers on the couch with a naked woman.

Speer tells KENS 5 she was in total shock.

"I called my boyfriend and asked who was she and he lied about the situation," Speer said.

It's safe to say they are not together anymore, according to Speer.

Speer tweeted her gratitude to the sandwich company, thanking them for telling her that her boyfriend was being unfaithful.

Jimmy John's even promised to cater a breakup party for her.

As for what's next for Speer in the romantic arena, she tells KENS 5 she's going to focus on her career.

"I'm just focusing on bettering me and living life with the great people I have in it while I work toward my future career goals of helping people be healthy," Speer said.

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