Dozens of girls gathered in Killeen's Phileo Event Venue Friday night for a one-of-a-kind sleepover. 

The event was a dream come true for 7-year-old Trinity Ringgold who thought she'd be spending the night alone.

Trinity said she was not invited to her white classmate's sleepover because she is black.

"I was sad because I love sleepovers," said Trinity.

Trinity said she was devastated to receive the news, but instead of getting angry her family took action. 

With help from the community, Trinity's mother, Toni Ringgold, threw a community slumber party, open to everyone.

Once the public knew about the sleepover, the community raised more than $700 seemingly overnight. 

Everyone was eager to help in some way whether it was chaperoning, donating or teaching the girls a valuable life lesson.

"We wanted to make something positive out of something negative," Toni said. "In the words of the great Michelle Obama, 'When they go low we always go high.'"

The Pajama Jam featured a DJ, arts and crafts, guest performances, mani pedi's, a glow party, lots of dancing and more. 

Trinity said the sleepover she wasn't invited to was now far from her mind as she enjoyed her new friends who accept her just the way she is.

"This is a big twist. This party is awesome. I don't know everybody but I've already made friends with two cool girls," Trinity said.

The sleepover showed that the best way to drive out hate is with love-- and maybe a good dance party.