Richland deputies are investigating three separate crime scenes after five people were shot at a nightclub Tuesday morning.

Investigators say they were called to Faces Lounge on Decker Boulevard around 6:20 a.m.

Officials say an argument led to the shooting. 

Deputy Cynthia Roldan, Richland County Sheriff's Department tells us they "Do have a person of interest but we don't have information to make available at this time."

Three women and two men were injured. According to Richland County, the shooting took place inside the nightclub. We're told all of them are in the hospital for what we're being told are non life-threatening injuries. 

We're told that at least one of the victims was driven to the Hardee's on Parklane, which is about two miles down the road. Deputies are also working that scene as an extension of the shooting.

""This is certainly very dis-concerning and not the way you start off the new year" says Jim Manning, Richland County Councilman for District 8. He goes on to say, "We've been able to close several disruptive businesses along the Decker corridor and we'll continue to work on that very strenuously." 

A third scene is at the hospital where some of the victims drove themselves. Deputies say two people were taken by ambulance.