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Newly released 911 call from High Point Police reveals more details about the scene of the Fred Cox Jr. shooting

Last year, police released most of the 911 calls related to the deadly shooting at Living Water Baptist Church. However, an additional call was released this week.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Although the deadly shooting happened seven months ago, this week, we're learning more about the night Fred Cox Jr. died. 

A 911 call from November 8, 2020, was released by High Point Police after a Grand Jury chose not to indict the deputy who shot Cox. It details a chaotic scene unfolding - shots fired outside Living Water Baptist Church after a funeral there.

It comes from someone inside the church, as they make a frantic plea for help. 

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"Did you get a look at who did the shooting?" asked the dispatcher on the other end of the line. 

"We [didn't]. There were a lot of shots - big guns. They were shooting everywhere," said the caller.

Investigators said last year, about 70 rounds were fired, many from at least two vehicles. 

During the four-minute call, the person hiding inside the church revealed someone was shot and killed.

"Somebody's dead. There is somebody," she said, "The detective - I don't know if he's been shot. Please send somebody."

Later on, the dispatcher asks for the detective's name. 

"Detective Hill," said the caller, "Detective Hill from Davidson County. He was shooting back. I don't know if he's shot or not but there's a gun by the door."

The caller says they see a gun by the door. Who it belongs to, we don't know.

But, what we do know is 18-year-old Fred Cox was the victim, shot by Detective Hill who was at the funeral in plain clothes, investigating a murder.

After the shooting, Hill tells the SBI he saw Cox with a handgun, so he fired his weapon. An autopsy would show Cox didn't fire a weapon, but he'd been shot four times.

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