Sumter, SC (WLTX) - One Midlands school is remembering one of their own after finding out they were on the missing plane reported off the South Carolina coast last week.

It's been days since a small plane disappeared off the coast of Charleston.

After searching for the plane for more than 70 hours, the Coast Guard announced Sunday they've called off the search.

Fred Moulton, the headmaster of Wilson Hall in Sumter is at a loss for words. Moulton found out one of their school's own was on-board.

"I’m just at a loss. It’s just sad. Not having that closure just dominates my thoughts and my prayers all day long," said Moulton.

Moulton has been the headmaster at Wilson Hall for over three decades. He’s seen a lot of kids but he says Joseph stood out.

"A lot of kids make impressions on you and I can vividly remember Joseph as a student here," explained Moulton.

The headmaster says Joseph Allbritton graduated from Wilson Hall back in 2002. Allbritton spent his glory days playing on the football field and baseball diamond.

"Joseph was a solid student. He was an excellent athlete. Played both middle linebacker and quarterback and that's a rare combination,” said Moulton.

Beyond being an athlete, Moulton says Allbritton had a lot of friends and was one of the hardest working people he'd ever known.

"Joseph was a driven young man in ways in that if you give them a task, he would do it," explained Moulton.

Teachers that taught Joseph are having a hard time processing everything that's happened.

"Many of the faculty members here remember Joseph very well. It's not just how I remember Joseph. There's a faculty of 100 that a good portion of this faculty has grieved together," said Moulton.

Moulton says they're hoping for the best but now it's time to support Allbritton's family and the community as they work through this difficult time.

"We say prayer is important and I think it's one many prayers come together for an unified purpose that maybe some peace can be given. I hope they have received our prayers because they've been sent every night,” said Moulton.

Moulton says the family is planning on having a memorial service in Charleston on Thursday.