Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Environmental Activist Tom Clements has been a strong opponent against the now failed VC Summer construction since its beginnings.

SCE&G came out with a new proposal on how to win back ratepayers' trust and loyalty Thursday morning, and Clements says it was all for theatrics.

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"The bottom line for the ratepayer is, of nine rate hikes that have been put on our backs, they're only taking back one of them," Clements said. "So we'd still be paying 15% of the bill for eternity to pay for this project, that's not a negotiating position, that's just theatrics and I don't think this is going to stand."

Clements says he feels the company should have to go in front of the Public Service Commission before any deals are cut.

"We, Friends of the Earth and Sierra Club, have a complaint before the Public Service Commission and we're going to demand much more than that from the company," Clements said. "They want to avoid having to enter into negotiations during a Public Service Commission proceeding and that's just not going to happen. We're going to fight for our right to question SCE&G and the past rate hikes before the commission, we're not giving that up."