Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One second, two middle school football teams were preparing for a game. The next, one player's family was getting one of the biggest surprises they could ask for.

It all started as a normal pre-game warm up at E. L. Wright Middle School when Virginia Solomons, a mother of one of the players, was rushed onto the field.

"I just noticed that the coach was pushing me a little bit," Solomons said.

A golf cart came rolling onto the field, and Solomons screamed. Her son Brandon Solomons, had come back after being overseas for the past two years.

"[I'm] upset that he got me because he actually got me," Virginia Solomons said, "I had no clue he was going to be coming in today."

Brandon Solomons has been in Japan serving as a senior airman in the Air Force.

"It's been so long since I've seen the both of them so just coming home for the first time in two years, I had to make it a big deal," Brandon Solomons said.

Brandon's aunt Loretta Dailey says it was all Brandon's little brother's idea.

"He decided he was going to surprise his mother at his last football game," Dailey said.

It was just as much as a surprise for his father Joe Solomons, too.

"That's my son," Joe Solomons said, "[I] just love him, I'm glad he's home, I'm glad to see him."

Now that Brandon's Air Force boots are back on American soil, he says there is one more thing he is looking forward to.

"I haven't had American food in a while so it's going to be nice," Brandon laughed.

With Brandon home, there was only one more thing Joe Solomons says he could ask for.

"I just hope my other son wins this game tonight!" Joe laughed.