COLUMBIA, South Carolina — (WLTX)-- South Carolina Senator Tim Scott sent a letter to HUD Secretary Ben Carson and within a few days big changes have been made in public housing. 

In that letter Scott asked HUD to require the federal agency to inspect public housing apartments for carbon monoxide detectors. It also noted carbon monoxide is often referred to as a silent killer.

In the letter Scott also referenced the deaths of Calvin Witherspoon Junior and Derrick Roper who died from carbon monoxide poisoning at Allen Benedict Court in Columbia. 

Now, if a public housing resident has a gas appliance or an attached garage federal inspectors must check for carbon monoxide detectors and that they are working.

Scott said the changes he asked for went into effect yesterday, but said he is shocked it happened so quickly.

"This was a blessing, an unfortunate blessing that came at the hands of a unbelievable tragedy so the response is fitting for the tragedy, but I am still very surprised," Scott said.

Scott also spoke to Dr. Carson about necessary funding to rebuild Allen Benedict Court and he said he is excited for the next round of grants.

Click here, to read the full letter from Scott to Carson. 


In our investigation, we've uncovered previous maintenance problems in the units at Allen Benedict Court, that showed there were concerns about the units well before January 17th. We have a mountain of documents related to the case, as well as interviews with residents, and we continue to present new information each day.

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