LEXINGTON, S.C. — Lexington Police have arrested a man wanted in connection for indecent exposure in a parking lot on Sunset Blvd in Lexington.   

Larry Britt Brown, 33 was arrested in Orangeburg Wednesday. 

An anonymous caller assisted in pinpointing the location of Larry Britt Brown within Orangeburg County. Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department was able to locate and transport him to their local detention center. Officers of Lexington Police Department retrieved and transported him to Lexington County Detention Center. 

On October 8, 2019, at approximately 10:35 a.m., officers were dispatched to the Lexington Place shopping center parking lot, which is located at 5454 Sunset Blvd. in Lexington, South Carolina to meet with a female victim regarding an incident exposure incident that had just occurred.

When an officer arrived, the victim stated that as she was walking to her vehicle from a store, she noticed that there was vehicle with a white male driver parked beside her vehicle in the parking lot. As she walked beside his vehicle, she observed that he had his pants down while he fondled himself.  When he noticed that the victim had seen him, the driver covered himself up and drove his vehicle to a nearby parking space where he remained until the officer arrived.

When the officer walked up to the vehicle to make contact with driver, he drove away from the scene. Within minutes, another officer observed the vehicle and when he attempted a traffic stop, the driver did not stop and fled from the officer. Due to department policy and out of caution for the safety of the public, officers did not pursue the vehicle.

Larry Britt Brown has been charged of Indecent Exposure, Failure to Stop for Blue Lights, Failure to Obey Police Officer, Operating an Unsafe Vehicle, and two counts of Reckless Driving. He received a $17,000 Surety Bond