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Apartments, townhomes, and hotels approved to come to Columbia

Developers presented their ideas for new developments around the capital city. Although they were met with opposition from residents, the ideas were approved.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Wednesday afternoon, developers in Columbia brought their ideas before the city's Planning Commission. However, these projects were met with opposition from the people who would be impacted the most.

The commission decided to rezone a piece of land on Overbrook Drive and Suber Street. Residents who came to speak against the zoning, say 31 townhomes will be put on the property.

"A lot of people cannot park on this road, and be able to allow the police, fire department, and EMS to be able to traverse through there. We want to be able to work with the city, and with Mr. Bowers [the developer] to find something that will meet with what fits with this neighborhood," said neighborhood resident, Michelle Huggins.

The next project the commission looked at is on Drake Street near Garners Ferry Road and the Cedar Terrace neighborhood. The developer of this property is planning to put in 150 apartment units. 

The council voted to approve the project unanimously leaving residents like Tige Watts feeling stuck.

"I do want the best for my community, but I'm also concerned because this is the first time our neighborhood is going to have a large-scale apartment complex like this," Watts explained.

The last item presented was two hotels and a set of apartments in the Vista. This development would be placed on Gervais and Wayne Street. The developer said he has been working to put a hotel here since the 90s and is looking forward to adding a place to stay that's close to USC.

Although all of these projects were approved, no building timelines were discussed. The next planning commission meeting will be Wednesday, February 9 at 4 p.M.

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