LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We are calming fears after law enforcement and districts across the state posted a warning from the FBI about a possible threat of school shootings Thursday.

It is a general awareness alert, with no specific school listed.

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The FBI has not been able to confirm that threat as credible. But now, a fake post, pretending to be from a local news station, is spreading like wildfire.

It listed two specific schools as targets.

“It’s sad. It’s so sad,” said Kris McKenzie, a Little Rock School District parent. "Today escalated to being afraid to go to school tomorrow"

Mckenzie has three kids in LRSD.

She received the general awareness alert from LRSD earlier this week. Her kids have heard about the threat throughout school hallways.

"Just in general, scared to go to school, one had a hard time getting out of the car this morning,” said McKenzie. "It's a real dilemma. I think their schools are safe and I want them to go to school tomorrow, but I also want to protect them."

McKenzie is one of many parents who are choosing to keep her kids home Thursday.

THV11 reached out to several school districts about the attendance policy and the Pulaski County Special School District responded.

The district is making adjustments for Thursday. The district is giving students an excused absence if they bring a parent note Friday stating they missed because of the shooting threat.  

LRSD sent the following statement on Wednesday:

“Classes will continue this week, and we will be vigilant in our security efforts. As always, student and staff safety are our utmost priority. It takes all of us working together to ensure safe schools and we appreciate the support parents and community members provide daily to LRSD.”

It's still unclear if LRSD will make changes to their attendance policy, but for McKenzie, she feels confident in her decision to keep her kids home.

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"I would be devastated if something were to happen to them,” said McKenzie.

Although the post linking schools to the threat is fake, schools across the state do not take any threat lightly.

They are prepared and have measures in place.