Bishopville, SC (WLTX) - Five months after the Bishopville Post Office burned, the building is still closed. It is still being investigated as arson, but it has left some folks wondering what’s next with the building.

“Oh, I just have a couple boxes I want to send to my children,” said Mae Jesneck, who uses that post office.

This is Jesneck’s fourth time trying to send a box of toothbrushes to her kids.

“I need to send this to Connecticut,” Jesneck said.

Since the post office building burned, a POD has been set up for people who need to pick up their mail and a truck for those who need to ship something out.

Jesneck says she wishes she could do her business inside of the building.

“I was just wanting them to fix it so we can use it,” Jesneck said.

"It's been a little inconvenient," said Christopher Roundtree, who used to use that post office.

Roundtree says he now skips going to this post office all together.

“It looks confusing so I don’t even deal with the trucks," Roundtree said. "If I have a little mail slip I put it in here, but any packages I just go to Hartsville.”

That is a 10-15 minute drive for him and anyone else who wishes to go to the closest post office.

“There’s been times when I’ve been around town and it would be sort of nice to just drop off a package here instead of driving all the way out to Hartsville,” Roundtree said.

It has also been an inconvenience for the post office. They had to bring in employees from other stations to help cover it.

We got in touch with the office today and they said they finally have the ball rolling. It has taken them so long because of the arson investigation, but they should be back open again in about three months.

Here's the statement the Post Office sent to News19:

“The Postal Service is working with the building’s owner, who is responsible for the reconstruction, to commence repairs as soon as possible. In the meantime, a retail unit will remain on the property to continue serving customers until the building reopens.”