COLUMBIA, S.C. — (WLTX) -- In Kershaw County the Sheriff's Department will soon have improved body camera technology. Sheriff Lee Boan said this new equipment will not only make the deputies safer, but also the community. 

"Transparency, and protecting our citizens and our deputies at the same time, it’s a win win," Kershaw County Sheriff's Foundation Chair Steve Zobel said.

Kershaw County Sheriff's Department will not have to worry about manually turning on their body cameras for much longer.

“It’s not putting the burden on our officers to prove they are doing the right thing," Sheriff Boan said. "It's coming on automatically, it's covering them, these body cameras, they protect the deputies."

This is the first automatic signalling devices for cameras the department has ever had. Now, if a deputy is put in a situation where they have to draw their gun,  turn on their blue lights or pull out their taser this new signalling technology will automatically turn their body cameras on, so they won't have to.

“If you have to use one of those three things there is something going on that we want on video," Boan said. "The last thing I want is to arrive on a scene to a dead deputy with his hand on a body camera instead of on his tools he needs to survive or use to protect the public.”

This new technology cost around $15,000, but with the help of the Kershaw County Sheriff's Foundation they were able to afford this new equipment.

"The citizens here they care about their law enforcement and they care about their safety," Zobel said.

The Sheriff's office is still in their final testing stages with the new equipment, but Boan said by the end of the month all the deputies should have this new body cam technology.