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Bowman pharmacy celebrates three decades in the community

Owner Randy Boland says the pharmacy is one of few businesses in town that's stood the test of time.

BOWMAN, S.C. — Randy Boland has lived in Bowman for 68 years. 

He owns the Boland pharmacy in Bowman. 

This year, the pharmacy  celebrates its 30th anniversary and Boland  says it's one of few businesses in town that's stood the test of time.

“Population-wise we decreased. I think a lot is because we don’t have a lot of industry right now. The saw mill has closed and it was one of our biggest employees," said Boland.

He says the town used to have a manufacturing plant that closed 30 years ago, along with other businesses like hardware stores and grocery stores.

For the last 30 years or so he says the town has fallen quiet.

“We’re close to I-26 and I-95 so we’re in a good area for industry but it seems like Orangeburg gets all the industry that we don’t or Summerville, we just haven’t gotten any," said Boland, "I think we have the infrastructure to do but people haven't found us."

But, community members say growth is on the horizon. Ever since Volvo established operations in Berkley County about eight years ago, councilman Ike Carter says he's noticed an influx of people coming in from the Lowcountry.

The Volvo plant is located in Ridgeville, a town just 42 miles south of Bowman.

"They're unsatisfied with all the crowding and all the subdivisions and there are people moving out of it so in the next year, you're gonna see a lot more," said Carter.

Many looking for peace and quiet. 

As for the future, Boland says the opportunities are endless.

"It's got a lot of potential."

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