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Businesses Continue To Hurt After Failed Nuclear Project

Businesses continue to lose money after construction stopped at the V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant.

Jenkinsville, SC (WLTX) - Aradhna Kumar said business was booming at her Jenkinsville convenience store.

"It just kept going. It was never-ending,” she said. “Before, it was all day busy like all the time. We'd open at 2:30 in the morning for the breakfast and breakfast started at three o'clock."

Gill's 5 & 10 catered to the thousands of V.C. Summer workers, opening early and closing late.

"It was a nice time when they were here because it was a regular customer. They were comfortable here and it was like a family," she said.

But that all changed six months ago after construction on the nuclear plant was shut down.

"It's getting lower and lower. The business is eighty percent down,” she said.

Hundreds of customers would come through every day, but now Kumar said she is lucky to see more than a few dozen. It's quiet and the shelves stay empty.

"We don't know what tomorrow [will bring]. We're living one day at a time,” she said.

This isn't the only business that's hurting. Broad River Campground sits a few miles down the road and faces similar issues. The owners are now appealing to tourists instead of workers and we're told there are only 35 RV's left on the lot.

Meanwhile, Kumar said she is keeping her faith close and hoping something will turn her luck around.

"Praying to Jesus and we are holding on hope and hope never fails,” she said.

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