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New stop signs coming to Cayce Avenues neighborhoods to slow speeders

After two months of working with Cayce City officials, law enforcement, and SCDOT, Cayce Avenues are getting the safer neighborhood they have been working toward.

CAYCE, S.C. — Page Fletcher, and her family have lived in the Cayce Avenues for six years, and enjoy taking walks through the neighborhood. However recently, her and her grandchildren have to be more careful when they go out because of fast-moving cars.

"The children are well trained that when you see a car coming you 'get in the grass!'," Fletcher exclaimed. 

Residents, like Danny Creamer say over the past few years, more young families have been moving to their neighborhoods bringing more traffic to the area.

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Since February, the Cayce Avenues neighbors have been raising their concerns about safety, by hosting discussions with the Cayce Police Chief and SCDOT.

After a few weeks of conversations and community forums, the neighborhoods are getting new stop signs.

"It is my intention... to take that to city council at their next meeting and get their endorsement because that's what SCDOT wanted," said City Manager, Tracy Hegler.

The new stop signs will create 4-way stops along Lafayette, Michaelmas, and Holland Avenues, along with 7th street, and Poplar Street as well.

Credit: Cayce Avenues Neighborhood Association
Proposed stop sign changes. Red squares with the red circles around them mean new 4 way stops, yellow means current stop signs being changed to the other cross street. Small red rectangles are existing signs.

Cayce Police Chief, Chris Cowan says he is happy to see the stop signs being planned and encourages other neighborhoods experiencing speeding issues to talk to SCDOT as soon as possible.

"My biggest recommendation is to communicate with the South Carolina Department of Transportation," explained Cowan. "They were very responsive to our requests and very active with the citizens and they really took the lead on it. All we did was communicate the concerns. They came forward, they developed a plan, they showed it to the citizens and to the city, and they have the expertise."

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Chief Cowan encourages people to reach out to local law enforcement to talk about speeding issues in your area as well. 

The next Cayce City Council Meeting will be on April 20, public attendance is welcomed.

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