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Chapin Labor Day Festival to feature public art project

In October, the town is planning to have an arts trail including the sailboats, posts, sculptures and other pieces.

CHAPIN, S.C. — The Town of Chapin has partnered with the Crooked Creek Art League for a new public art project.

A couple of years ago, the Crooked Creek Art League sponsored the Art Sail through Chapin project. Today, you can find painted sail boats around the Chapin community.

Nicholle Burroughs with the town says art is an important part of Chapin.

“The Town of Chapin values art as a community. We feel art adds value. We feel like it supports the community nature and the vision that we have for the town,” said Burroughs.

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This year, the town is adding something different to the Chapin Labor Day Festival with the Art Trails through Chapin project.

“That will include some aluminum posts that will be decorated by local artists. They’ll be for sale, they’ll be in auction and the community members can auction on them so they can get their very own post,” explained Burroughs.

Funds will then go towards a larger scale community art project the league is planning for the town.

The Town of Chapin is looking to install some of these posts on their nature trail located behind town hall.

“The thought behind having the post installed on the nature trail and really infusing art in every aspect of our community is not only so everyday people can view the art, but also so people can take home something from our local community,” said Burroughs. “All the artists that will be participating are members of our community and therefore it’s something special and unique to the Chapin area.”

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Each design for each post can be whatever artists come up with.

Businesses are able to sponsor or host these posts for a few days leading up to the festival. They will also be on display at the labor day festival. People will be able to vote for their favorite post at the festival as well.

“Chapin is looking forward to having the inclusion of art and nature together. It’s a huge opportunity for us to mirror two things that we care deeply about. We care very much about protecting the environment and about the greenery that we’ve been blessed with,” said Burroughs. “We care about our open spaces, but we also care about art. The infusion of those two things and the creativity that comes along with that is really something special.”

There will be a scavenger hunt for the posts. In October, the town is planning to have an arts trail including the sailboats, posts, sculptures and other pieces.

Artists who are interested in joining the project should head to the Crooked Creek Art League website.