Columbia, SC (WLTX) - — The location of a new elementary school in Chapin is causing some concern from Chapin residents.

Lexington School District Five have plans in place to open the school on Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin, a two lane road that some residents feel is very dangerous.

Ken Loveless, a Chapin resident and Lexington School District Five Board member, was not on board with the Board's decision.

"“It is just a very dangerous place," Loveless said. "The road is a winding hilly road and it’s right there on chicken curve and there’s accidents on that road all the time, we’ve got to have a school somewhere but my belief is that it is not in the right place.”

But some residents were on board with the board's decision. Rick Howell, who lives near Amicks Ferry Road, feels the school will give the community an opportunity to come together.

"We no longer will have to go to this place or that place we’ll have something right here in the community and I am all for the community." Howell said.

According to the district, Amicks Ferry Road was identified as an area in need for a school that was close to residents.

Robert Gantt, Chairman of Lexington School District Five, says the school will relieve overcrowding at other districts schools.

“Chapin is a growth area we know more growth is coming there, so the benefit will be to have a good learning place that is not overcrowded and serve all the students in the district." Gantt said.

Construction of the school is set to begin in 2019.